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We have finally unpacked most of our boxes and are settling into our new home. We are enjoying it more and more each day.

You have captured the style and layout we had hoped to achieve. The more we live in our new home the more we realize the great skill it took to configure the floor plan with regard to the flow from one room to the next... and the views are endless from almost every room.


- Wally & Renate

Wally and Renate

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the years. You are not only a knowledgeable architect and consummate professional but you are a kind and caring person.  Congratulations on 25 years with BJA. You are all one big family over there and that attitude and enthusiasm shows in every wonderful design.  We look forward to working together for many more years to come!
Warmest Regards,

Paul & Angelique Julian and Family

Paul and Angelique

Dear Amy,

Doc and I would like to wish you congratulations on your 25 years at BJA!  It has been a pleasure working with you and we cannot say enough how happy we are with Lagunita.  The house is truly spectacular and the compliments never cease.  We absolutely love the design and cannot thank you and everyone at BJA enough!  Congratulations again on your 25 years!

Warm Regards,

Nick and “Doc” Lopez

Nick and Doc Lopez

With moving in just before Christmas and all the excitement that is built around the holidays and New Year, I have been a little tardy in Thanking you and your associates!

After the first interview with you, I knew the eight interviews I had with other architects was time well spent... because during that ninth interview I knew I had found the right team! If I had stopped short on number seven or eight, I know I would not have the house I have today. The house that so many people describe as a sculpture.

Although the building process has many bumps in the road, you, Bonnie, Rob, Kathy and the others on your team have truly been the highlight. You and your team are really professionals, easy to work with and I always felt that you had myself and project at the forefront. After talking with so many other architects and builders, it is very refreshing to work with extremely creative people that enjoy what they do, with that enjoyment being translated in how they work with their clients. And I have to Thank You Brion for many things... the wonderful design, it is truly a one of a kind; for the way you gave me your undivided attention when we worked together; your absolute true creativity and how to value engineer details when it was necessary; and... for those times when I needed a different opinion with interior design and details. You are a natural at this... I can understand why you enjoy it so much!

- Randy

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