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Our architectural experience with Brion Jeannette Architecture (BJA) was outstanding. At the outset, we benchmarked BJA against other firms, and they consistently emerged at the top of the list.

We went through an early concept process with BJA to identify key likes and dislikes — this enabled Brion to avoid blind alleys and to include elements that we found appealing. We moved from conceptual proposals into detailed plans through a series of meeting, and phone and fax exchanges. Even though there was a distance barrier to be bridged, we always felt that the communication and responsiveness were first-rate, and the interactive process gave us the opportunity to be fully involved. Brion respected our point of view and our input — there was never a hint of condescension or patronization.

The bid process with general contractors, was managed very effectively by Brion, beginning with personal visits he arranged with each contractor, and a benchmarking of their capabilities. Brion’s plans were very detailed, so that few gaps appeared between the contractor’s assumptions that couldn’t be resolved by referring to the plan details. Brion was our advocate in reviewing contractor change notices, which minimized disputes and helped control cost.

We were impressed with the amount of time that Brion spent on site during the construction phase. His pride and dedication to the finished product was almost equal to our own. We can recommend Brion Jeannette Architecture for your project with confidence that you will be highly pleased with the experience and the result.


- Oscar & Nancy

Oscar and Nancy

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to thank you for coming to our rescue.

Brion, when we called you, we didn't know where to start and hoped to get a name or two whom we could call to begin our restoration process. We deeply appreciate your immediate response to our needs and didn't expect such outstanding people to take on the project.

Tony, your organizational skills and directives to see that we were well taken care of were very gratifying. When we saw the number of contractors and workers needed to fulfill each task, we were impressed with the quality of your personnel and the excellent service they provide.

Assigning Hector to oversee each step was a bonus for us. He is very capable, cooperative and pleasant. He made himself available whenever we needed him. He is a good listener and very responsive. He kept in touch with us daily and sent one worker along as soon as the previous one finished. Hector is a great asset to your organization.

John Leichtftuss is in a class by himself What a gentleman! His work is perfection and his patience endless. Bruce Hodgson was fun and did an excellent job filling in our sunken living room with cement. We’ve taken every precaution we can think of to prevent further flooding in our living room. Thank you for your concern and effort on our behalf.


- Winnie & Shelly

Winnie and Shelly

I want to thank you for a truly exciting and rewarding experience building my home. I recently sold the house you designed for me and I am so pleased with the entire result. I am grateful to you for helping me select the lot my home is on. Without your help I would not have had the tremendous views my home enjoyed, nor would the property have been as valuable as it turned out to be.

I appreciated your careful guidance, as I know I sometimes didn’t understand Southern California weather and life style. The floor plan and design details you incorporated gave me a home that worked well for me as a bachelor, and for the family that recently purchased it. It was such a beautiful and comfortable home that it sold quickly.

Your watchful eye throughout construction was appreciated, as I was living out of state during this phase. I was confident you and your project manager were there keeping track of progress and reviewing my contractor’s billings. It was a comfort to see how quickly you were on site whenever a question arose. I felt that you gave me and my home the same care you would have given to your own. Incidentally, I have remained good friends with contractor you selected for me and I think that speaks volumes.

Thank you for your professional care and artful design skills. You and your staff made it easy to put all my trust in you. I loved the home we created together and when I build another home it will be with you and your very professional staff.


- Dr. Anwar

Dr. Anwar

We fell in love with the architecture of our house before we owned it. Because it was on the bay front and readily accessible, we witnessed the entire construction and continually marveled at every nuance as it was added . . . including every amazing angle that allows water views for the entire house.

It became our dream home and our dreams came true when we bought it three years later. While the Jeannette team designed it to look like a huge house, it was not. So we purchased the lot next door and asked Brion to give us a double portion of what he had created. The end result is one magnificent house that no one can believe is an add-on. Two years later, we’re still discovering obscure jewels of the Jeannette genius. It’s flawless design and then some.

Of equal importance is the Jeannette team that held our hands and loved us through the entire project. Without exception, every team member is an over achiever who shares the passion for excellence upon which Brion and Bonnie have built their reputation and their legacy.

Barry and Karen Meguiar

Barry and Karen Meguiar

Dan and I enjoyed reading the article about you in the L.A. Times and both felt like we wanted to contact you. Reading about you brought back great memories, you will always be a part of our home. We’ve been here 8 years this month. I still love to stand in certain places of the house and just look and enjoy. I look at the arches, the angles and spaces, and like seeing one room through another. I love to look at the front of the house when it’s getting dark outside and the lights in the house are on and the front door is open. It’s so nice to be surrounded by such beauty. It has worked so well for us. After 3 paint colors, a different tree out front (a Coral, like you first suggested), and revised front steps, we are getting it just right.

Dan talks about building again in Shady Canyon, Irvine, so that we could add a rumpus room (our oldest will be a teenager next month), and a workout room but leave everything else the same. The whole process was so much fun that I would do it all again if we could get a lot where the garage would be in the back of the house again. If not, forget it.

I thought you might like to see how our kids have grown. John and Anna were so small, amusing themselves in your office during some meetings and Carrie was just 4 months old when we moved in. We are all well and the company continues to grow.

Again, we are delighted to read about your continued success, your love for a new challenge, your family involvement and your commitment to community. We are proud to have a “Brion Jeannette” house.


- Clark


Being a part of your team on this project has made work fun again. After 41 years in the business here in Los Angeles and having worked with many great architects, including Lloyd Wright and Cliff May, it has been a privilege to watch you and your fabulous staff focus on the client and their desires. I see why they chose you.

The detail and quality of this job are phenomenal. Tony Valentine Construction’s work is far above that of most other contractors I have dealt with over the last decade. Your design and his follow through made my job so much easier. I have truly enjoyed every day spent working on this residence.

My favorite day was toward the end of the job when your wife and you told me how much you liked this project. As you know, the architects and the interior designers often don’t share a common vision. On this job, I believe we did and also I believe the end result is much better because of it.

From now on, your name will be the first I offer when one of my clients asks me to recommend and architect. And, of course, I’ll be proud to back up the recommendation with photos of the Ferrucci home. Now that my term as President of ASID is over, I have time to take on new assignments. If you see an opportunity where you or one of your clients could benefit from my assistance, please let me know. I sincerely look forward to working with you again. And now that I also have time to entertain, please check your calendar and let me know when your wife and you have time to be my guests for dinner. I’d like to thank you in person for the gracious way you welcomed me into your team.

- Jean


After buying a custom home site in Pelican Hill, Maris and I searched for an architect who would listen to our strong ideas and enhance them into our dream custom home. Maris had been through many of the finest built custom homes in Southern California after being in the lighting and building industry for over 25 years and he especially wanted an architect who was aware of comfort inside the home when facing a strong sun ocean view and who had a strong sense of detail in the finish of the home. After admiring several custom homes designed by Brion we were also delighted to find out that he was also very concerned by energy efficient architecture and had far more detail incorporated in his blueprints than most.

We really enjoyed the design process of our home with Brion. He listened to all of our ideas and added more that we had not thought of since this was our first experience building a custom home. All of our plans had to be submitted to the Irvine Company and Brion helped us get what we really wanted. Sometimes diplomacy is a great asset for an architect to display. We also hired an interior designer to complete our team, but ended up using more of Brion’s detail in the house than hers. After I went to kitchen planning showrooms, I realized that Brion had drawn in many of the custom features that the finest cabinet companies have in our blueprints.

Maris ended up doing most of the general contracting on our jobsite himself; and really appreciated that in most cases Brion had specified that the Rolls Royce technique or materials be used. When the prints went out to bid to “architect’s specifications” , the bids came back not all over the board but much more specific. We then could decide where we wanted to cut costs and not have the subcontractors making those decisions for us.

We moved into our home in 1996 and have enjoyed it everyday since. Many of our neighbors can’t stand to be in their ocean facing rooms in the late afternoon. In our case most of our ocean facing windows don’t have any window treatments because they do not need them for sun control and we want to take advantage of the incredible view. Even though our home is now several years old , we are still getting comments from people who have been here many times but see new detail in the ceiling or the mouldings that they hadn’t noticed before. Best of all we have a large home but it has been laid out to be very comfortable. We designed a lower level recreation room and bedroom for our college age son who still lives with us. He has entertained over 20 people in that area and we have not heard one thing as we quietly watch television one floor directly over him. Brion’s plans had heavily insulated our home between floors as well as walls.

Not only are we enjoying our home but we also realize that Brion gave us a very appealing home to more than ourselves. We have received numerous contacts from people who have only seen our home from the outside who would be interested in buying it. When you invest a significant amount of money in your dream, it is also comforting to know that it can be a liquid asset if need be. When you find a professional who is just that in every sense of the word, and who has brought so much pleasure to your life by a job well done, you just want to sing their praises. Maris and I both feel that way about Brion.

- Nancy


Dear Amy,

Congratulations on a quarter of a century with BJA!! It’s been a pleasure working with you.
You’re a strong leader and extremely knowledgeable architect whose intelligent designs and ideas are inspiring, interesting and have challenged me to become a better engineer.

Your positive attitude and professionalism have made working together enjoyable and I look forward to collaborating on many more great projects in the years ahead.

Kamran Naraghi-Arani

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