Drought tolerant yards...exciting and not scary
Drought tolerant yards...exciting and not scary

Bonnie and I have been growing a variety of cactus and succulents at our Newport Beach home for over 40 years and trust me, they propagate so easily you'll be sharing plants with friends in no time.  While decades ago our interest seemed odd the beauty of these drought tolerant species is now being fully appreciated by many.  They have made appearances in many of our public parks and have been finding their way into neighbor's landscapes too.  The purpose of this blog is to give you courage to rethink where you live; Southern California is after all a low desert.  Removing grass can seem daunting and scary but you'll come to think of it as freedom.  Below are some links to help you find resources and encouragement.  Your yard can be beautiful and easier to tend.   You can save money and may qualify for rebates for doing it.  Happy water savings 


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