Going underground: See O.C. homes with tricked out subterranean spaces

Nick Lopez shoots pool in a subterranean level of his ocean-view Laguna Beach house, where his Lamborghini sits on a car turntable. When Lopez is ready to take it for a spin, he drives it onto a car elevator that raises it to his street-level garage. The house was designed by A-list Architect Brion Jeannette.

Subterranean levels are an emerging trend in Cameo Shores, where excavation below terraced streets is picking up steam. Builders there believe the new configurations – a garage entry on the street below the home and underground spaces for amenities such as theaters, bars, massage rooms and deep outdoor courtyards – will increasingly catch on and transform the neighborhood.

Aerie, a luxury seven-condominium project in Corona del Mar designed by renowned architect Brion Jeannette will include units with a variety of “daylighted” subterreanean levels, meaning they will have exposure to natural light.


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