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With moving in just before Christmas and all the excitement that is built around the holidays and New Year, I have been a little tardy in Thanking you and your associates!

After the first interview with you, I knew the eight interviews I had with other architects was time well spent... because during that ninth interview I knew I had found the right team! If I had stopped short on number seven or eight, I know I would not have the house I have today. The house that so many people describe as a sculpture.

Although the building process has many bumps in the road, you, Bonnie, Rob, Kathy and the others on your team have truly been the highlight. You and your team are really professionals, easy to work with and I always felt that you had myself and project at the forefront. After talking with so many other architects and builders, it is very refreshing to work with extremely creative people that enjoy what they do, with that enjoyment being translated in how they work with their clients. And I have to Thank You Brion for many things... the wonderful design, it is truly a one of a kind; for the way you gave me your undivided attention when we worked together; your absolute true creativity and how to value engineer details when it was necessary; and... for those times when I needed a different opinion with interior design and details. You are a natural at this... I can understand why you enjoy it so much!

- Randy


My family and I are very grateful and appreciative of the work effort and enthusiasm that Brion Jeannette and his team contributed in the design and construction of our house in Pelican Hills. We chose Brion Jeannette as our architect because of what we saw as his ability and desire to create a home that was aesthetically and efficiently designed to the requirements of all the members of our family. Brion worked intimately with the family through the design phase and constantly oversaw the construction phase, in the end, creating a home that was both elegant in its aesthetic as well as comfortable and relaxing in its design.

Once again, we would like to thank Brion and Bonnie and their entire staff for their integral involvement in the creation of our house and home.


- Emmanuel


We are finally settled in the house after all. Most boxes are open and walls have few paintings on them. I have to tell you that this house is better than the most expensive resorts we have been to and we really do not feel like going on vacations anymore. Boys come home almost twice a month from San Francisco and want to stay home, something I never thought I would live to see. Everything worked out in terms of spaces, heights, and flow between the rooms. Colors came out really warm and pleasant and wide open outdoors have become part of the family room environment just as we had envisioned.

And now my thoughts for your future clients. Brion designed our first custom home at Pelican Hill about 7 years ago when Irvine Company as well as homeowners were confused about the design guidelines. Dreams are not always architecturally correct and thank God for good experienced architects that we were able to accomplish most of our dream without trouble from ACC at Irvine.Company or Orange County Building Inspectors. Our builder made a comment that Brion’s plans were (the most detailed) that he had ever seen. It made bidding very easy and we finished a fairly large home under budget and within time. Our second custom house at Pelican Crest was also designed by Brion and this time we were dealing with even more stringent and aggressive architectural controlled committee of Irvine Company and needless to say that his experience and diligence made the process painless once again.

In the last 7 years, I have talked to many friends and neighbors, all building custom homes and my choice again will be Brion for architecture, if I do it for the third time. He has been an integral part of architectural activities of Southern California Coast for a long time and knows the whims and fancies of Coastal Commission and county inspectors. He typically uses 25% more structural support than the engineers recommend, which is very comforting to know in this earthquake country. I think having an architect like Brion on your side will be most beneficial and cost effective.

- Lakshmi


In 2006, we contracted with Brion Jeannette Architecture to design a completely new home in Corona del Mar, Ca.

Brion and his team provided excellent variety of concepts and adjusted nicely to our budget. The engineering drawing package proved excellent for the difficult design concept that we chose.

We also retained Brion Jeannette Architecture to provide construction oversight. The organization proved to be invaluable in this regard. They are very knowledgeable in ever detail of construction materials and techniques required t build a luxury home such as ours.

His engineering and administrative staff kept the construction contractor as close to budget as we could have wanted. Brion has the imagination and experience to satisfy owner’s ideas or special requirements. He is truly visionary and artist for over concepts, structural design, interior design, decorating, exterior design and landscaping. His contracts with local statewide agencies allowed for very smooth progress through all the governmental approval requirements for such a project. He is relentless in completing his objectives.

Bottom line: He designed a built us an absolutely beautiful home.

We highly recommend Brion for any architectural needs

- Bob and Judy


Bob and Judy

Thanks for your letter with maintenance reminders. I have already taken care of some of your suggestions, and will follow up on the others. Your continued interest is much appreciated.

I receive so many nice compliments on the house, and it’s floor plan; but more importantly I find it very comfortable to live in, and enjoy sharing it with family and friends.

It was great seeing you and Bonnie at the Hoag Foundation event - thanks for coming. Warmest regards to both of you as well as your staff.


- Ro


Our architectural experience with Brion Jeannette Architecture (BJA) was outstanding. At the outset, we benchmarked BJA against other firms, and they consistently emerged at the top of the list.

We went through an early concept process with BJA to identify key likes and dislikes — this enabled Brion to avoid blind alleys and to include elements that we found appealing. We moved from conceptual proposals into detailed plans through a series of meeting, and phone and fax exchanges. Even though there was a distance barrier to be bridged, we always felt that the communication and responsiveness were first-rate, and the interactive process gave us the opportunity to be fully involved. Brion respected our point of view and our input — there was never a hint of condescension or patronization.

The bid process with general contractors, was managed very effectively by Brion, beginning with personal visits he arranged with each contractor, and a benchmarking of their capabilities. Brion’s plans were very detailed, so that few gaps appeared between the contractor’s assumptions that couldn’t be resolved by referring to the plan details. Brion was our advocate in reviewing contractor change notices, which minimized disputes and helped control cost.

We were impressed with the amount of time that Brion spent on site during the construction phase. His pride and dedication to the finished product was almost equal to our own. We can recommend Brion Jeannette Architecture for your project with confidence that you will be highly pleased with the experience and the result.


- Oscar & Nancy

Oscar and Nancy

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to thank you for coming to our rescue.

Brion, when we called you, we didn't know where to start and hoped to get a name or two whom we could call to begin our restoration process. We deeply appreciate your immediate response to our needs and didn't expect such outstanding people to take on the project.

Tony, your organizational skills and directives to see that we were well taken care of were very gratifying. When we saw the number of contractors and workers needed to fulfill each task, we were impressed with the quality of your personnel and the excellent service they provide.

Assigning Hector to oversee each step was a bonus for us. He is very capable, cooperative and pleasant. He made himself available whenever we needed him. He is a good listener and very responsive. He kept in touch with us daily and sent one worker along as soon as the previous one finished. Hector is a great asset to your organization.

John Leichtftuss is in a class by himself What a gentleman! His work is perfection and his patience endless. Bruce Hodgson was fun and did an excellent job filling in our sunken living room with cement. We’ve taken every precaution we can think of to prevent further flooding in our living room. Thank you for your concern and effort on our behalf.


- Winnie & Shelly

Winnie and Shelly

I want to thank you for a truly exciting and rewarding experience building my home. I recently sold the house you designed for me and I am so pleased with the entire result. I am grateful to you for helping me select the lot my home is on. Without your help I would not have had the tremendous views my home enjoyed, nor would the property have been as valuable as it turned out to be.

I appreciated your careful guidance, as I know I sometimes didn’t understand Southern California weather and life style. The floor plan and design details you incorporated gave me a home that worked well for me as a bachelor, and for the family that recently purchased it. It was such a beautiful and comfortable home that it sold quickly.

Your watchful eye throughout construction was appreciated, as I was living out of state during this phase. I was confident you and your project manager were there keeping track of progress and reviewing my contractor’s billings. It was a comfort to see how quickly you were on site whenever a question arose. I felt that you gave me and my home the same care you would have given to your own. Incidentally, I have remained good friends with contractor you selected for me and I think that speaks volumes.

Thank you for your professional care and artful design skills. You and your staff made it easy to put all my trust in you. I loved the home we created together and when I build another home it will be with you and your very professional staff.


- Dr. Anwar

Dr. Anwar
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