Recognized nationally and internationally for the functional artistry

of its exceptional designs, Brion Jeannette Architecture of Newport Beach, California, has created world-famous private homes and estates, such as the daringly contemporary Portabello (Corona del Mar) and the serenely organic Rock House (Laguna Beach). BJA excels in many architectural styles, from French Normandy to Cape Cod, to classic Italian Renaissance, to Zen-inspired Asian retreats. Every BJA-designed home is uniquely reflective of the client who commissioned it.

We are grateful for the many exciting commissions and varied clientele who continue to refer us for over 40 years.   Our staff of highly educated and licensed professionals are devoted to creating private homes and estates that exceed our client’s expectations and enhance the quality of their lives.   We are proud that all of our homes are uniquely designed for the specialized interests and desires of our client and the opportunities inherent with its location.   Our work provides our client with energy conserving techniques in any climatological environment; throughout the United States and the world.

"Our goal is to create a home our clients hate to leave and are eager to return to; our objective is to enhance and improve the quality of their lives." – Brion Jeannette 

I have had the great pleasure of working with Brion Jeannette for over 25 years now. His attention to detail, innate understanding of the building process in implementing his timeless designs, and his continued involvement and availability throughout the building process makes my job in executing such designs in the field all that much easier. This collaborative energy between he as architect and I as the builder has allowed for an effortless flow in the on-site production of the countless dream homes he's known for having created. I always enter our projects together with an enthusiasm and comfort in knowing the final result will be architecturally sound and designed with the highest integrity with regard to the intended genre, period, style, and most importantly, the client's wishes. The ease with which Mr. Jeannette's team and mine work together is reflected in the timely manner in which we are able to provide the finished product, which of course is of great benefit to the client in more ways than one. I would recommend Brion and his entire team at Brion Jeannette Architecture to all those seeking sophisticated, well designed spaces that integrate the future residents and their ideas and values in a home design all their own that will stand the test of time and provide comfort, sanctuary, and timeless value in a world that's ever-changing and fickle. I'm very proud to say our working relationship has, much like Brion's designs, withstood the test of time.

Tony Valentine


Tony Valentine

We contacted Brion Jeannette to provide plans for our remodel, as he was the original architect of our home. Brion and his team, embraced our vision and incorporated our ideas helping us achieve our goal of turning our modern Mediterranean into a contemporary home with clean lines. We collaborated extensively, exchanging ideas until we came up with the final plan to transform the old into the new. Brion's knowledge and expertise, his understanding of the house, and his ability to incorporate our vision into his was extremely valuable. His team was easy to work with, patient, and kind. Their expertise provided for the foundation for our dream to become a reality and our remodeled home is everything we had hoped it would be.

Peter and Dru

Southern California is home to so many talented architects, Brion Jeannette and Amy Creager are two of them. Brion Jeannette is a gentleman, authentic and gracious. His work is unique and creative. Brion is incredibly talented. Amy shows innovation and is a true collaborator. Her work is creative and detailed. My company has had the privilege to work with Brion and Amy and his exceptional staff on numerous projects. Their energy, talent and dedication is what makes Brion Jeannette Architecture so special. This firm will design your dream home and you will enjoy the journey. Sue Capelli, Passione

Sue Capelli

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Our goal is to create a home that our clients hate to leave and are eager to return to; our objective is to enhance and improve the quality of their lives. brions sign