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I hired the Brion Jeannette Firm and worked mainly with Amy on a 2,800 Sq. ft total remodel down to the studs. Amy took on our project with professionalism, passion and determination and got the job done and finally passed the city for building permits. She overcame many obstacles and I am forever grateful for finally having her take over and solve all my problems.
I first interviewed Amy at the beginning of this process and found her very likable as well as practical and knowledgable. I didn't hire her at first and went with another firm instead. Why? Because Brion Jeannette has a wonderful reputation but does very high end houses worth millions and millions of dollars. I was afraid they were too above what I originally needed. So $25,000, one year and a half and 2 architects later I was desperately searching for an Architect that could finally get building permits and to navigate the Newport Beach Building Department. They were my answer and I should not have been afraid from the very beginning!!! There were many issues to solve architecturally because of all the restrictions in Newport but because of their experience, knowledge, honesty, talent and determination we finalized the plans including everything I could hope for. If you are looking for an Architect, Brion Jeannette Firm is really at the top and you would never go wrong hiring them however simple or where ever your project may be located. They can do it all with a smile and you will even enjoy the process!

Heather and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done helping us design and build our new home. The house is more amazing than we thought possible and lives beautifully.

We enjoyed the whole process from beginning to end, which is probably why we are working with you again on our Napa project. Here’s to more projects as the years roll on!!!

Thank you for your creativity, professionalism and most importantly your friendship.


- Brant & Heather

Brant and Heather

Now that I have settled into my beautiful new home I would like to thank you and your staff for turning my dreams into reality.
As you know I started my project with a beautiful oceanfront lot and a terribly neglected, outdated home. I interviewed several of the top architects, known for large view or estate properties. I made it a point to visit their homes as well as interview the homeowners and review their portfolios. Based on references, professionalism and most importantly “architectural work” I decided on your firm.

From that first conceptual meeting to “final” occupancy the process was clear, professional and timely. Speaking of timely, let me point out that your firm was able to deliver the “impossible”. My plans were approved by the notorious City of Laguna Beach at our first “Design and Review’ board hearing. A feat to this day that is unheard of in Laguna Beach. I know of many homes and plans that have been in the city for months and even in the case of “oceanfronts” years. The money saved as well as the unneeded stress from endless design review meetings was reason enough to use your firm. The same process was again used with the California Coastal Commission with the same “first time” result.The team, including builder and interior design firm, that you helped me assemble proved to be a big success. With your firm taking the lead and the other team members understanding their roles we had a seamless integration of professionals providing their skills and talents with absolutely “no finger pointing”. That again proved invaluable to making my project fun, creative and stress free.

Obviously, the above mentioned are by products of building a custom home. The real prize is the finished home. I can sum it by simply saying “it is the finest, most incredible home I have ever seen”. It is everything I dreamed of and much more.Once again I want to thank you and Bonnie and your firm for making all this possible.


- Stuart


Jan and I are enjoying our new home every day, and after 90 days of living here, we have come to realize all the details of planning carefully to take advantage of the location and create every living space with such a spacious feeling. We believe the finished house has met our dream and all the living areas could not have been better utilized.

Given the complex nature of the site, we enjoyed working with your staff and the prompt feedback allowing our construction to flow smoothly.We wish you and your staff all the best!


- Doug & Jan

Doug and Jan
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